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Los Bravos and a special tribute

Saturday, 9pm, Trui Theatre, Cami Son Rapinya 29, Palma.

Just over two weeks ago, Miguel Vicens died. The bassist with Los Bravos, his death was only shortly before the group was due to play a much anticipated concert in Palma. The concert looked as if it would be called off, but it is going ahead, a tribute to one of the group’s founder members.

Miguel was a member of Mike and the Runaways. He, drummer Pablo Sanllehi (still the drummer) and singer Mike Kennedy (real name Kogel) teamed up with members of a Madrid group called Los Sonors in 1965. Legend has it that this was at a disco in Cala Major. Los Bravos was the name of the new group, and a year later they had an international hit with ‘Black is Black’.

Los Bravos may have had limited success overseas after this hit, but the group remained popular in Spain. Miguel and Pablo reformed the group in 2019, and there is new material to go with the old hits.

Cris Juanico - from rock to Sinatra to orchestra

Saturday, 8pm, Alcudia Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca, Alcudia

Cris Juanico is a Minorcan singer-songwrither who has been enjoying success since the 1990s. In 1998, he and his group, Ja t’ho diré, were awarded the prize for best album of the year by Ràdio 4, the Catalonia station of the national RNE broadcaster.
He went solo in 2004, and his first release was recognised as best album of the year by the Catalan music magazine Enderrock. Combining a pop-rock and jazz style, he received acclaim for a version of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’.
He has an extensive catalogue of songs, therefore, and a collection of these have been adapted to an orchestral treatment. And there is no better orchestra to do this with than the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.

The second Women’s Fair

Saturday, from 10am, Claustre Sant Vicenç Ferrer, Plaça Convent and surrounds, Manacor.

Two years ago, the first Fira de les Dones (Women’s Fair) was held in Manacor. The intention was for it to be an annual event. This still is the intention, but last year it had to be called off because of Covid.
To coincide with International Women’s Day, the fair is an initiative to promote female artists and businesses. Manacor town hall’s delegate for equality, Carme Gomila, says that the fair brings together businesswomen and artists from Manacor and the whole of Majorca. The fair, she adds, “is a reflection of how women are and to show the potential we have”.

The ceramics fair in Marratxi

Saturday from 11am, Sant Marçal Showground, Marratxi (Sunday 10am to 8pm; Monday and other weekdays 10am to 1.30pm and 4pm to 7pm).

The Fira del Fang, the Ceramics Fair, traditionally heralds the spring season of fairs in Majorca. It may not be spring yet, but the Marratxi fair does mark a start for the fairs. Some of these are themed, which is most definitely the case with the Fang Fair, the association between Marratxi and ceramics being an historical one that nowadays is reflected by the number of ceramics businesses, especially in Portol.

A trade fair aspect of this fair is that it lasts a whole week. There will be twenty-plus exhibitors from Majorca and the mainland. As well as the stands, there will be other attractions, such as a procession of giants and pipers on Sunday.