Mallorca photographed from Andorra. | Comando Tibidabo

Over the past few weeks some magnificent pictures have been taken of Mallorca, in particular the Tramuntana mountains from Barcelona, however the big surprise this week was a set of photographs off Mallorca taken from Andorra by Comando Tibidabo.

With the four images he posted the comment “Without a doubt and I have purposely gone to Andorra to contemplate it and framed next to Tibidabo.

“As you know, I already predicted it on Monday of last week. At first I thought that the clearest ones would be the ones from yesterday and the day before yesterday but then I deduced that today’s one would be the top one!”

On October 26, Mallorca was clearly visible at sunrise from Barcelona.
Alfons Puertas shared on the social network X an image of the silhouette of the Serra de Tramuntana taken from the Fabra Observatory.

The photograph shows the pink sunrise over the island, a beautiful image that has received a flood of comments on social media: “Fantastic” and “brutal” are just a few of the adjectives users have used to describe the photograph.

The profile ‘Horitzons llunyans’ explained that “more than half an hour before sunrise the island was already visible” and that “if there had not been so much humidity from at low altitudes” the sharpness would have been even better.

This phenomenon occurs when the visibility conditions in the Catalan capital are perfect, with an absence of clouds, a clear atmosphere and not too much light in the early hours of the morning.

This is a particular and special circumstance, as it should not be forgotten that some 200 kilometres separate the crest of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range from the Catalan coast.