Some unsettled weather in Mallorca over Easter. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The high, almost summer-like temperatures Spain has enjoyed over the past few days are going to give way to a weekend marked by a drop in temperatures due to the entry of a mass of polar air, and a possible “Scandinavian front” during almost all of Easter, according to the Meteored expert, Samuel Briener.

Temperatures will remain high on Friday thanks to a mass of very warm air which, according to Meteored, will cause “unusual” seasonal temperatures across Spain.

However, over the weekend, a mass of polar air will move across the country causing a drop in temperatures across the country and the Balearics and will be accompanied by rain and snow above 1,000 metres.

From Easter Monday onwards, the showers will subside and temperatures will rise slightly, especially during the day.

However, Biener warned that, from Easter Wednesday onwards, there could be a significant change in the weather. The weather portal has also warned that, if there is no rain this spring, the summer could be quite harsh and full of water restrictions.