Puerto Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa was the hottest place on the island last month with a maximum temperature of 37 degrees Centigrade on September 12. The Palma Met Office described the month as one of the hottest on record with an average temperature of 24.3 degrees Centigrade, 2,2 degrees higher than normal.

The coldest day of the month was September 30 when a minimum temperature of 6.3 degrees Centigrade was registered in Escorca.

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Towards the end of September there were numerous bad weather alerts for heavy rains with more than 141 litres per square metre falling in Santanyi. This was also a record amount of rain. The maximum wind strength was 107 kilometres an hour.

"September was a month of two seasons; during the first two weeks, it was summer-like weather which turned to autumn in the last two weeks."

Experts say that as a result of global warming the summers will be hotter and the winters colder. For October the Met Office is forecasting unstable weather for the month.