Heavy rain and thunderstorms expected. | Jaume Morey

María José Guerrero, the delegate of the Aemet met agency in the Balearics, says that the brief Indian summer is coming to an end.

Temperatures have been higher than usual for the start of October; it has been beach weather. However, over the next few days Mallorca and the Balearics will be affected by a DANA, an isolated depression at high levels, commonly referred to as 'gota fría' (cold drop in English) and a normal weather phenomenon for the time of year.

On Tuesday, the weather will generally still be fine, but there may be showers in the afternoon, which could be locally strong. Temperatures will continue to be high - up to 29C.

A similar pattern is expected for Wednesday. In the south of Mallorca in particular, there will be cloudy intervals and possible showers accompanied by thunderstorms. Some muddy rain is anticipated. Highs will range from 24C to 28C.

It is Thursday when the DANA is forecast to hit, bringing locally heavy rain and thunderstorms. Temperatures will drop by around two degrees. The islands will remain under the influence of the depression until midday Saturday. Somewhat unsettled weather will continue into the start of next week, highs still up at 24C or 25C.