Hottest summer on record in the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


“We say goodbye to a summer that has been the warmest since records have been kept in Mallorca and Formentera, and the second warmest in Minorca and Ibiza,” said María José Guerrero, director of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics today.

She said that the highest temperature ever recorded on the islands was 44.5 degrees, in Formentera and Montuïri on 13 August.

Guerrero said the summer will give way to an autumn which is expected to be “warm and with normal rainfall”.

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The head of the Aemet confirmed that there have been three heat waves in Mallorca and two in Ibiza, and that maximum and minimum temperatures broke all records being around 2ºC above average in June, July and August, and “to top it off”, the first half of September has been extremely hot - 4ºC above average.