The Campos-Colonia Sant Jordi road. | Última hora

The heavy rain and thunderstorms finally arrived in Mallorca. The amber alerts on Friday produced nothing, but on Saturday there was rainfall up to almost fifty litres per square metre in parts of Mallorca. Certain roads had to be closed due to flooding, such as the MA-6040 in Campos.

Up to 3pm on Saturday, the heaviest rainfall, according to Aemet weather stations, was in Petra - 49.6 litres per square metre. Elsewhere, there were 43 litres in Manacor, 42.6 in Lluc, 25.8 in Campos and 19.9 in Santanyi.

Storm clouds over Es Trenc, Mallorca

The amber alerts for rain and storms, which had initially only applied to the south of Mallorca and the Tramuntana, were upgraded to cover the whole of the island. Effective until 7pm Saturday, the forecast for Sunday is for fine weather. The outlook for the week indicates that more rain is possible from Wednesday to Friday.

* The photo here is of storm clouds over Es Trenc; Lluc Morell.