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Field trips and first hand experiences

The summer term at Queen's College brings a return to normality and beautiful weather; the perfect combination for outdoor learning.

Queen's College03/06/2022 09:00

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Summer breeze: The children at Queen's College take learing outdoors

Forest Fridays are favourite days for the younger children; exercise and woodland activities allow the children to observe changes to their immediate locality, to search for interesting objects, to socialise in outdoor, natural settings, to watch, note, run and play.

Queen's College06/05/2022 09:37

News from Queen's College

News from Queen's College

A day learning in the woods.

Queen's College 03/05/2022

Every child received a wand from classmate Gori


The World of Harry Potter According to the Year 6 Students at Queen's College

Students have been captivated by the Harry Potter novels and have loved listening to podcasts from many of the actors who have been involved in the Harry Potter films.

Queen's College27/04/2022 14:54

Queen's College school


Queen’s College science week

Last week the primary children at Queen’s College celebrated National Science Week with a particular focus on the theme of Growth.

Queen's College30/03/2022 12:16

The day was all about being kind


A day of kindness and calm

Thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve this and donated with such love and generosity.

Queen's College24/03/2022 11:43

Last Thursday the primary children at Queen’s College celebrated World Book Day.


World Book day and 25 years of Harry Potter

Last Thursday the primary children at Queen’s College celebrated World Book Day.

Queen’s College09/03/2022 13:02

The children have been studying about fossils this term


We’re going on a fossil hunt!

They thoroughly enjoyed their fossil hunt and even discovered a tortoise basking in the sunshine!

Queen's College02/03/2022 12:11

A huge green blob invaded the Year 5 classroom and was unable to sit down in assembly!


"Fantasia" Carnival comes to Queen's College

The primary children at Queen’s College have been investigating the traditions associated with carnival in Spain and elsewhere in the world.

Queen's College25/02/2022 13:11

They explored the properties of ice describing how it looks clear and shiny and feels cold and hard.


Digging deep

Last week the children in Year 3 at Queen's College made some Megalodon teeth.

Queen's College11/02/2022 11:47

The results were stunning!


Art inspirations, 3D designs and plenty of magic! All in a week's work at Queen's College

The results were stunning! The children delved into their toy boxes to bring life to their creations.

Queen's College02/02/2022 11:58

The Early Years curriculum is all about investigation and wonder.


Queen’s College Nursery explore the surrounding woodland

For more information about our Nursery class or other year groups, please contact

Queen's College27/01/2022 12:43