Etiqueta 'Pirates Adventure'
Meet Cathy Sasson, Owner of Globo Balear


Making magic happen - Cathy Sasson

I tell myself everyday it doesn’t matter if I like it, what is important is will my customers like it.

Vicki McLeod14/04/2023 12:42

Richie Prior talks about working and living in Magalluf

A safer Magalluf

After 30 years of working in Magalluf, the Director of Pirates says new laws are working

He thinks the campaigns to increase awareness to the dangers of excess drinking etc. are worthy and have worked.

Richie Prior24/03/2023 10:54


One of Magalluf's main attractions to open its doors in April

With over 3.5 million visitors to date and a host of celebrity guests, Pirates is a spectacular evening of live entertainment for families, couples and groups.

Ashlee Caliz 14/03/2023 12:11

Meet Cathy Sasson, Owner of Globo Balear

Meet Cathy Sasson, Owner of Globo Balear

Meet Cathy Sasson, Owner of Globo Balear.

Many Godbehear 10/02/2022

Storytime with Alexandra.

Majorca Mallorca

Lockdown birthdays

Happy birthday Alexandra Clarke, you lockdown legend.

Vicki McLeod13/05/2020 04:01

Catherine and Jacques Sasson


Spain to be treated to a Majorcan Pirates Adventure

El Jefe Infiltrado featuring Pirates Adventure airs on Thursday 30 March on Spanish channel La Sexta at 10.30pm.

Humphrey Carter28/03/2017 00:00