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The light curry chicken and veggies with rice.

Food and drink

Thai food is a great bargain in Mallorca

Palma Thai Kitchen has a fixed price menu at €14.50 that includes a spring rolls starter, a curry or noodles mains plus a drink that can be a caña or a cola.

Andrew Valente08/08/2022 11:01

The stuffed mussels were most refreshing

Food and drink

Eat Peruvian when the heatwave is on in Palma

The traditional dishes have names that don’t mean anything to most of us, but each one comes with a little description of the ingredients.

Andrew Valente07/07/2022 14:13

The freebie gamba croquettes were worth a 10

Food and drink

Toque: even the freebie was a 10

“It has been at least five years since my last visit to Toque and I noticed some marvellous changes.”

Andrew Valente11/06/2022 09:00

The paella was delish and worth a 10

Food and drink

No menú paella was ever as good as this

The rice was tongue-burning hot, it was beautifully al dente and it was scrummily juicy and bursting with taste.

Andrew Valente03/06/2022 12:20

The picaña steak was juicy and tender.

The Restaurant Review

What happens when the bosses are away?

This week's Restaurant Review: I thought it wouldn’t be fair to judge Sa Goleta when its captain wasn’t on the bridge and keeping the ship on course.

Andrew Valente23/04/2022 09:30

The chargrilled sea bass was worth a 10.

Restaurant Review

Top chargrillers can also do fish

The fact is that I seldom find a restaurant cook who does chargrilled fish of any kind — it’s just too risky and few even give it a thought.

Andrew Valente09/04/2022 10:52

The cook chargrills some butterflied chicken and rabbit .

The Restaurant Review

Can Torrat: 40 years on top of a chargrill

Thumbs up or Thumbs down? What does our critic have to say about this Mallorcan chargrill style restaurant?

Andrew Valente06/03/2022 09:18