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Beach in Palma, Mallorca


How far can Mallorca's hotels keep pushing price increases?

Inflationary pressures have eased, but negotiations with tour operators seem not to take this into account.

Andrew Ede30/08/2023 17:07

Paguera's beach will plenty of tourists

Majorca tourism

Overcrowding - Mallorca's tourists' greatest concern

A survey of tourist opinion indicates an increasingly negative perception of overcrowding among Mallorca's tourists.

Andrew Ede15/08/2023 13:51

I enjoyed a full English breakfast for six euros


A full English for a few euros in Palmanova

Some bar and restaurant staff in Palma should wear balaclava helmets because their prices are daylight robbery.

Jason Moore10/08/2023 15:52

Tourists in a restaurant in Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Spanish tourism in the Balearics falling because of higher prices

Business sectors say that Spanish tourism is down compared with 2019, but figures to June this year suggest otherwise.

Andrew Ede08/08/2023 09:35

Bar and restaurant students in Mallorca

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"Prohibitive prices" blamed for the shortage of qualified workers in Mallorca

To the high cost of living can be added factors such as seeking greater personal fulfilment and the school dropout rate.

Andrew Ede30/07/2023 14:44

Sardinero beach in Santander


Mallorca losing Mallorcans

Price is king and if wages don’t enable you to live the simple life you wish for, then you simply go where you can.

Humphrey Carter27/07/2023 16:15

Package holidays to Mallorca have shot up in price.

Package holidays to Mallorca have shot up in price.

Package holidays to Mallorca have shot up in price.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 29/06/2023