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Jaume Vaquer, president of the Asociación de Empresas Náuticas de Baleares, the Balearic Association of Nautical Businesses (AENIB)


Balearic nautical industry wants everybody on board for a steady future

“It’s all very well taxing the rich to cover the region’s deficit but if the millionaires did not come each year with their yachts, my company, for example, and many others, would neither be able to exist and generate important revenue for the local economy nor employ the thousands of people working in the industry."

Humphrey Carter19/03/2023 10:50

Nadal is building a large global businesses portfolio.

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Rafa Nadal’s multi million dollar empire

Rafa Nadal is also a member of the Tatel group along with investors such as Pau Gasol, Enrique Iglesias and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Humphrey Carter16/12/2022 11:35