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Apartments in Palma, Mallorca

Apartments in Palma, Mallorca

A good number of the Sareb properties are in Palma.

Archive 19/04/2023

Apartments in Palma, Mallorca

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Balearic government will have to pay for 'bad bank' properties for social renting

Only 120 of the 447 bad bank properties in the Balearics are currently earmarked for transfer to the government.

Andrew Ede19/04/2023 08:19

Construction of homes in Palma, Mallorca

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14,000 affordable new homes in the Balearics

Agreement to increase the appraised value of protected homes has allowed building to go ahead.

Andrew Ede26/03/2023 08:04

Construction of homes in Mallorca

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Government to increase the price of VPO affordable housing

Land is designated for VPO building, but the current sales price is not sufficient enough incentive for developers and builders.

Andrew Ede17/06/2022 06:20