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The pine processionary caterpillar


Purging the Pine Tree Pest

Each winter, thousands of silky white nests appear in Mallorca’s fragrant pine population. But, instead of inspiring wonder at what’s soon to emerge, they spark fear for the hordes of pine processionary caterpillars about to descend and wreak havoc on daily life – not least our beloved dogs.

Sarah Forge02/10/2023 14:31

Off-road vehicles on an excursion in Mallorca

Off-road vehicles on an excursion in Mallorca

Jeeps, buggies, quads ... they are all felt to have potential for environmental harm.

Archive 28/03/2023

Off-road vehicles on an excursion in Mallorca

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Mallorca's town halls and the war against buggies and off-road vehicles

There are government regulations for protected areas, so town halls are having to adopt specific bylaws.

Andrew Ede28/03/2023 08:04

Mallorca will be getting on bikes ro raise money for the environment.

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Mallorca gets on its bike for green energy projects

Static bicycles will be used for to generate watts of energy and demonstrate the commitment against climate change as part of the Energy Challenge.

Humphrey Carter22/03/2023 11:03

Es Trenc, Mallorca

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Saving Mallorca from a crisis "hitting us like never before"

'Mallorca Strategy 2030' defines the Mallorca of the future, addressing the challenges of overpopulation, climate change and economic and resource overexploitation.

Andrew Ede06/11/2022 07:20

Es Trenc, Mallorca

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Business offensive against new environment law

The new law would give the environment ministry exclusive powers to declare spaces for special protection.

Andrew Ede18/09/2022 07:53

Can Gavella in Playa de Muro, Mallorca


Will Mallorca's beach bars get a reprieve?

The Balearic environment ministry has been accused of "wanting to wreck everything that smacks of tourism, even if it is quality".

Andrew Ede09/09/2022 16:54

New Balearic law to protect natural areas

New Balearic law to protect natural areas

The law is designed to protect natural areas.

Archive 07/09/2022