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All quiet in Magalluf


All quiet in Magalluf

Has the law of excesses spoilt the party in Magalluf or has it been a major success? The jury is out.

Jason Moore08/09/2023 12:35

Rosana Morillo is leaving Mallorca for Madrid.

Rosana Morillo is leaving Mallorca for Madrid.

Rosana Morillo is leaving Mallorca for Madrid.

Pilar Pellicer 05/12/2022

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The stories that made the headlines this week in Mallorca

With the clocks having gone back and winter descending, northern Europeans were hoping for a final blast of sun before the long, dark days.

Andrew Ede04/11/2022 12:08


Turkey stuffing Mallorca

The German Travel Association (DRV) has revealed that the demand for German tourists to Greece is increasing.

Humphrey Carter24/10/2022 10:53

"Overcrowded Mallorca" in photos

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"Overcrowded Mallorca" in photos

There has been much talk this summer about overcrowding on the island and too many tourists. The government is under pressure to curb the number of holidaymakers in peak season.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 2022/08/2029

Polls | 23/08/2022 13:29


Mallorca in the famous five in the top picturesque islands

With a whopping 76,086,685 hashtags, Bali takes the crown for the most Insta-worthy island. A fun fact about the island is there are beaches with black sand. One example is Lovina Beach, which is covered by black sand - a result of cooled volcano lava.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/08/2022 11:53

Es Repic


All about Soller - Life on a small island with big aspirations…

The front page of the Travel section of the New York Times recently had an article about tourism to ‘small island’ Mallorca.

Shirley Roberts02/08/2022 09:45