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Eating Out in Mallorca: Jonny's Dhaba, Santa Catalina

A thali typically consists of: a grain (rice or flatbread made with wheat, millet, etc.), lentils (dhal or sambar), vegetables, chutney, raita (curds usually mixed with some kind of vegetable), pickles and sometimes papadum.

Mia Naprta18/12/2022 12:02

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Eating Out in Mallorca: Dmenu, Sindicato

The shorter version of their weekly changing menu includes a choice between two starters, two mains and two deserts plus water, while the longer menu is made up of two starters, two mains and one desert.

Mia Naprta11/12/2022 15:00

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Eating Out in Mallorca: Xalest - Palma

Xalest is a restaurant within the Concepcio by Nobis hotel situated in a lovely part of the Old Town.

Mia Naprta14/11/2022 18:24

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Eating out in Mallorca: Market Kitchen - Santa Catalina

The two generous slices of Sirloin, with just enough fat on the edges not to be dry, were up there with the best beef I have had on the island.

Mia Naprta30/10/2022 10:30

The bacalao a la Mallorquina.

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Can Nofre: When nostalgia is served on a plate

For those who are fond of Mallorcan cooking, a visit to Can Nofre is always a huge delight. Find out what was the verdict in this week's restaurant review.

Andrew Valente09/05/2022 10:15

The Olive Tree

With its large shady terrace on the beach promenade, it’s the perfect destination to chill and enjoy exceptionally good food to suit all tastes with a view glorious sea view.

Restaurantes | International Food Calle Blanca 3,07181 - Calvia
Enjoy going out to eat on the island!

Enjoy going out to eat on the island!

Enjoy going out to eat on the island!

R.E. 20/04/2021

The frito with a fried egg on top

The Restaurant Review

Always a scrummy surprise at Maruka

This week our Bulletin restaurant critic visits a restaurant which is ranked as a top favourite with Palma foodies.

Andrew Valente31/10/2020 10:34