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Cala Saona beach in Formentera


Investing to protect our seas

The sea gives us everything: fish, recreation, climate regulation, biodiversity, health, education, etc.

Marilles Foundation12/07/2022 10:35

The Balearics could have a say in how its ports and airports are run


An independent Balearics

“It is highly unlikely that it will ever happen, but I think it could work.”

Humphrey Carter08/07/2022 07:00

Tourists arriving in Ibiza


Show tourists some respect

The Balearic and British authorities need to be careful with their narrative towards holidaymakers.

Humphrey Carter01/07/2022 06:00

Balearic beach


Erosion and worsening water quality threaten the islands' beaches

The 2022 Balearic Sea Report has compiled updated information on the state of the islands’ beaches.

Marilles Foundation|Natalia Barrientos04/06/2022 09:30


Future of the industry

“Now is the time to start planning for the future of the tourist industry...”

Jason Moore25/08/2020 03:05



Spain visitor numbers climb but still only a fraction of 2019 levels

The average occupancy rate was around 36% even though hotels cut their prices by 8.2% compared with July 2019.

Reuters24/08/2020 14:12


A market without visitors?

As things currently stand, there won’t be any stands for the Balearics.

Andrew Ede07/08/2020 01:01

British tourists returning to UK.


Britain set to drop quarantine for Canary Islands and Balearics

Quarantine to be dropped if travelling from Spanish Balearic or Canary Islands.

The Sun27/07/2020 15:02

Seaweeds that talk about the quality of the sea

Marilles Foundation

Seaweeds that talk about the quality of the sea

The “water turning green” episodes are linked to an excess of nutrients into the sea.

Ana Peña05/07/2020 19:47

Tintorera with hook and line.

Marilles Foundation

The only thing to fear about sharks is their extinction

Sharks are very vulnerable species which have suffered a very severe decline over the past decades.

Aniol Esteban19/06/2020 15:03