Real Mallorca 0 - Real Zaragoza 0

A home game against one of the favourites for promotion: Mallorca unbeaten in five but incapable of scoring, which has not been as much of a problem for Zaragoza.

A first half of little note, Wellenreuther having to stop Diamanka with his legs on 40 minutes, while Mallorca were all but non-existent in attack. Second half, and the pace was upped somewhat, Brandon hopefully adding some greater threat to the efforts of the consistently disappointing Bianchi.

And that was basically that, i.e. virtually nothing, Zaragoza seemingly content to go home with a point, while Mallorca, good enough in defence, have little or nothing to offer upfront. Coach Ferrer has steadied the ship, but while nil-nil draws might mean avoiding relegation, they aren't going to mean promotion.

Wellenreuther; Company, Costas, Aveldaño, Oriol; Sissoko, Yuste; Campabadal (Moutinho 45), Ros (yellow 33 - Brandon 68), Pereira; Bianchi

Bono; Isaac (yellow 90+), Vallejo, Cabrera, Rico; Morán, Dorca; Hinestroza (Díaz 83), Diamanka (Abraham 82), Angel (Pedro 70); Ortuño

Attendance: 7,845