user Richard Pearson | 3 months ago

Jules OBy the way, he is under the impression that just because he lives near Magaluf, it makes him an expert about the place. Good thing he doesn’t live near a hospital.

user Richard Pearson | 3 months ago

Jules OWhat’s the point ? I’ve been given 7 negatives for pointing this out as well, one of them presumably by Mr Walker himself, the rest from the small minded readers who don’t even bother to read the comments, but enjoy pushing the button as they are obviously bored and have nothing better to do with their sad lives. Cheers

Jules O Jules O | 3 months ago

Andy WalkerWOW. Someone get a moderator on here. And Andy, learn some manners.

user Richard Pearson | 3 months ago

Andy WalkerMr Walker, should we understand then that by “closing” Magaluf, it’s regular clientele will just stop coming to Mallorca, or would they, together with the drug dealers, just migrate to somewhere else on the island that wishes to take advantage of the situation ? I presume that you would also bulldoze the entire Playa de Palma as well, whilst you are at it. Or, just stop allowing anyone under 25 to board a plane coming to the island. By the way, the language you use to reply to other correspondents, seems very much like that which the typical uncivilised and uncultured Magaluf fan would use.

user Charles Dalrymple-Chumley | 3 months ago

Jules OJules, there is an exception to your opinion that a hands off Magaluf would be the best strategy and that is that if the troubles in Magaluf were fully contained there maybe it could remain as party-central. The problem is that they aren't. Many people confuse Magaluf with Mallorca and vice versa. In other words as a resort it casts a long shadow over the entire island and that's why it has to change. As others say, Magaluf is not Mallorca and Mallorca is not Magaluf but the perception is out there that they are synonymous.

user John Gaughan | 3 months ago

Partying was encouraged for years you took the money and some people got very rich. You allowed this to happen but now you want to change things but are afraid of the financial hit. Make your minds up on what you really want.

user Morgan Williams | 3 months ago

Jules OAgreed, Jules. Magaluf is a decent resort with enormous potential. However l, from a purely business perspective, I question the value of the "youth market". Historically they spend the least, cost the most to accommodate, and tend to be the most problematic. To consciously target that market isn't exactly brilliant business strategy. Unless of course, your strategy is simply to pack in big numbers at minimal profit per person, while trying to keep it under control and minimise damage (which is also an incremental cost) . A few have made some good money that way. But it's always problematic. And there's other, less tangible costs; For example, once you're on that train, it's difficult to get off. It takes years to shake the perception, while others move on to more fruitful pursuits. Being left behind is never fruitful. And in the case of Magaluf, it would be a bloody shame. Magaluf can and will shake that perception, but it will take years (and not without plenty of screaming & threats from the cheap seats). Still, changing the name might be one way help get it on a better class of train ticket. There's already an effort underway to establish a new brand. We'll see how that goes. Or go back to 3* shagaluf, and be left behind.

Jules O Jules O | 3 months ago

How tedious it is - hearing people complaining about a subject regarding which they lack any deeper understanding. I fly from the UK to Mallorca and back 52 weeks of the year, on a variety of airlines. It is interesting observing the different ages and social groups that the island attracts. The youth market is an integral and economically vital part of the island's tourism ecosystem. Most people who criticise Magaluf have little understanding of the importance of youth resorts or the youth market in general. In fact, they've probably not been to Magaluf recently. Comments such as "demolish the place" come from those who make a lifetime habit of complaining and getting angry. Sadly, it's generally older people with an attitude like this, i.e. those who have forgotten what it's like to be young. 99% of young British tourists are young, respectful, well-behaved and just want to let their hair down on a hard-earned holiday. The posters making such disparaging comments about Magaluf and its clientele would have been no different during their youth. A VERY long time ago.

user Andy Walker | 3 months ago

Bulldoze the place, Utter $#ithole full of underclass Brits.

user Peter Perfect | 3 months ago

No shit. No surprise there then. What about changing the name of the place or as for once I agree with Stan shut the place down once and for all but I suspect they can't.