Jonathan Cuevas and Guillermo Paulino. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Guillermo Paulino has been working as a club doorman for several years. He and a colleague, Jonathan Cuevas, were working at the club on the Can Valero estate in Palma where there was a stabbing incident at the weekend.

Guillermo explains that this is a club mainly for a Latin public. "The vast majority are good people, but they consume a large amount of alcohol and at the first opportunity they break bottles, take out knives and stab the first person who comes near them."

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Of the incident at the weekend, Jonathan says: "It was a pitched battle. We couldn't control the fights due to the large number of people who were involved. But if we hadn't got in the way, we would now be talking about several more seriously injured people or even some dead."

He adds: "Working as a doorman at night in discos and nightlife venues is increasingly dangerous. In fact, we are considering leaving sector. It's not worth risking your life for 70 euros."

"Working with the Latin public is very difficult," says Guillermo. "We've known nights with four or five serious incidents. Colleagues have had bottles smashed on their heads, putting them in hospital. Let's be clear. If you consume excessive alcohol or narcotic substances, these things are going to happen."