The beer drinking competition in Mallorca is getting tough. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A new beer record has been set in Mallorca. A group of more than 40 Germans managed the new milestone on the island last Saturday by consuming 1,330 0.2-litre glasses of beer in a bar in Playa de Palma.

The record breakers belong to a German gun club and drank an average of 28 glasses each at the Deutsches Eck, which corresponds to 5.8 litres of beer per person.

It took them almost 8 hours to sink it all, they started the challenge in the morning at around 11.00 a.m. and finished it after 19.00 p.m. The challenge took them almost 8 hours to complete.

In this period of time, the team drank more than 1000 glasses, which meant a financial outlay of more than 2000 euros, accumulating a total bill of 2,793 euros.

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They were accompanied by several cameramen and the video showing the whole party was uploaded to YouTube.
It shows the group singing and celebrating as they drink more and more alcohol. The last record stood at 1,234 glasses of beer and was set in October last year.

It took place in the Bamboleo pub and there were about 55 participants.
The protagonists had organised themselves in two WhatsApp groups without knowing each other beforehand and achieved this record that has now been beaten by their compatriots.

Several members of a German futsal team had also tried to beat this challenge in July last year, drinking more than 1,100 glasses of beer, but came very close to achieving it.

“We were a great group, with 56 people of different ages, from 19 to 67. We all had a great time and partied together, something that is unfortunately almost unheard of nowadays: bringing together young and old to share a common experience,” one of the participants explained on social media.