Images of the stabbing of a young man outside a nightclub in Palma. | Última hora


The investigation of a violent altercation outside a troubled nightclub in the Can Valero district of Palma has been taken up by officers from the National Police Force. At approximately 5am, the 112 emergency centre received multiple calls reporting a confrontation between two groups of young people. Initial reports indicated that the individuals involved were brandishing weapons including sticks, chains, knives, and even broken glass bottles.

Security personnel from the nightclub intervened in an attempt to quell the disturbance and provide aid to one victim who sustained multiple stab wounds to the neck and head. Swiftly, units from both the Palma Local Police and the National Police Force arrived on the scene and established a security perimeter. The situation escalated to the point where officers had to use their batons, prompting the dispersal of the individuals involved and the alleged assailants fleeing the area. Investigators managed to record license plate numbers, with arrests anticipated soon.

Exclusive footage obtained by our sister paper Ultima Hora depicts a portion of the altercation, showing a young man delivering two stab wounds before fleeing the scene. According to testimony from a bouncer, the victim suffered two lacerations to the left side of his head near the ear, and he was transported to the hospital by his wife. Additionally, the victim sustained cuts to his hands while attempting to disarm the attacker.

This nightclub has gained notoriety for frequent altercations, particularly during closing hours when the predominantly Latino clientele often engage in violent incidents fuelled by alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, a separate altercation occurred at a nightclub in Playa de Palma, resulting in injuries to multiple individuals, including both customers and security staff. Complaints have been lodged with the National Police regarding the incident.