A 36-year-old man of Spanish nationality lost his life on Sunday night after being involved in a rear-end accident involving three vehicles on Palma’s Vía de Cintura.

The accident took place at around 7 pm on the Ma-20, approximately 200 metres from the cemetery of the capital.

The Guardia Civil traffic police and several SAMU-061 ambulances were quickly dispatched to the scene of the incident. On arrival, the doctors attended to all the victims, but were unable to do anything to save the driver of the last vehicle involved in the accident because his injuries were extremely serious.

In the end, the man died and the only thing the doctors could do was to certify his death.
The accident caused major traffic jams and it also coincided with the departure of spectators from the Real Mallorca football match against Rayo Vallecano at the Son Moix stadium.

The Guardia Civil has taken charge of the investigation into the accident in order to clarify the causes and responsibility of the parties involved.