The National Police were alerted by Son Espases. (Archive image.) | Archive


A Spanish couple who live in Palma were arrested by the National Police after taking their seven-week-old baby to Son Espases Hospital with multiple fractures.

The arrests were some days after the baby was admitted on January 26. The hospital's paediatric unit followed the protocol for such cases by notifying the police of suspected physical abuse and also carrying out tests for brittle bone disease. Once this was ruled out, the arrests were made.

The father, who initially refused to testify, finally did and admitted that on some occasions he had shaken the baby boy when he was crying. He said that this was not violent and without intent to harm. On one occasion, however, bones were broken.

Police investigators believe that the father was solely responsible for the abuse, but the mother was also arrested for failure to report a suspected crime.

A court in Palma released the couple on charges and with removal of custody and a restraining order. The baby is in care with a foster family and is said to be doing well.