Llorenç Galmés, president of the Council of Mallorca, speaking to the media on Saturday. | Pilar Pellicer


Llorenç Galmés, the president of the Council of Mallorca, said on Saturday that he held an urgent meeting with Pilar Bonet, the finance and public function councillor, on Friday and told her that she had lost her credibility and his trust. She had to resign, which she did on Friday, citing personal reasons.

During Thursday's plenary session of the Council, it was evident that something was going on. Galmés acknowledged this. There were "comings and goings" on his part after he had received unexpected and sensitive information. He called the meeting with Bonet at which, according to Galmés, she "voluntarily" told him that she would resign as an executive councillor.

Asked about the "personal reasons" announcement, Galmés insisted that as the decision was voluntary and was made without asking for explanations, it was understood that the reasons were private. "They were nothing to do with this administration. We haven't told any lies."

The sensitive information that came to light on Thursday relates to the alleged embezzlement of two million euros at a handling company where Bonet used to work as a manager. The company itself is understood to have initiated an investigation by its auditors, who discovered that this sum of two million had been "diverted" over a prolonged period. The report is to be handed to either the Guardia Civil or the National Police and a court of instruction in Palma will then open proceedings and call people to testify, one of whom will be Pilar Bonet.

Galmés stressed that this all relates to a "different stage of Pilar Bonet's life and has nothing to do with this institution or with her management as a councillor". He explained that there will be an emergency plenary session on Monday at which he will clarify any questions that opposition parties have. This meeting will "demonstrate transparency and make clear that the matter has nothing to do with the Council of Mallorca". "We have nothing to hide," he emphasised, before adding: "I wish I had known this before appointing her as councillor."