Llucmajor rated the least attractive region in Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


In 2023, Manacor made headlines because Artificial Intelligence ranked it as the ugliest municipality in Mallorca.
The consultation was carried out at national level and the Mallorcan town was the least attractive on the island.

However, in 2024 ChatGPT has deemed another place even less attractive: Llucmajor.
It has not given the reasons why it has categorised it in this way, although it has stated that “although it is a large town with a certain charm, its more urban character and modern development may make it feel less picturesque”.

The AI platform is very politically correct, as it does not make any kind of classification based on the word ‘ugly’, as this is subjective and depends on one’s taste. But if you use imaginative formulas with similar terms, the truth is that it softens its stance by offering a particular ranking of three “less attractive” cities, according to the tool itself.

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Together with Llucmajor, ChatGPT has placed Manacor in second place and Inca has also appeared as the third municipality on the list.
However, it is not clear what criteria has been used to position the towns, as “these are only subjective perceptions and each place has its own unique character and attractiveness”, as the tool itself has clarified.

In 2018, Manacor was considered the ugliest town in Mallorca, after a contest that was organised by the well-known satirical magazine Foc i Fum.
The result provoked all kinds of reactions and comments among the users who took part in this curious vote.

And, six years later, Manacor has not managed to shake off the label of ugly municipality, despite the fact that the AI has awarded Llucmajor the ‘honour’ of being the “least beautiful”.

Despite having included these three towns on the list, the platform has recommended visiting them so that the user can make up their own minds.
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