There is supposed to be comprehensive rehabilitation of El Terreno. | Fernando Fernández


Until around ten years ago, a town hall-owned building on Avda. Joan Miró in El Terreno housed Palma municipal staff on its ground floor. There are six apartments in the building as well.

Some time after it closed, a large banner appeared. This was for the comprehensive rehabilitation of El Terreno. The banner is still there. Meanwhile the building has deteriorated to such an extent that there is concern that it might collapse.

The safety risk was a reason why the building was taped off. Another was to try and prevent squatters. But squatters there are, undeterred by the fact that breaking a seal can result in a prison sentence of up to twelve months.

The local residents association has been calling for something to be done about the building. For the residents, it seems as if the town hall has simply abandoned the building and forgotten about it.