The majority of Imserso holidaymakers in Mallorca stay in Playa de Palma. | Josep Bagur Gomila


On Tuesday, a number of guests at the Hotel Acapulco in Arenal required medical attention after complaining of symptoms which could have indicated gastrointestinal poisoning.

The guests, who are on the Imserso programme of holidays for Spanish senior citizens, were attended to by a doctor from the Juaneda group, which is contracted by Imserso. The doctor informed the hotel management that it was more likely that the guests were suffering from a stomach virus than from food poisoning.

When there is a suggestion of possible food poisoning, it must be reported to the public health epidemiology service. Samples of food from the hotel restaurant were taken by the health ministry on Tuesday afternoon.

The hotel has commissioned a health consultancy to carry out a separate analysis and has activated a health protocol by installing hand gel dispensers and recommending the wearing of face masks to try and limit any contagion.