Mallorcan farmers have joined the EU-wide protest. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The agricultural protests across Europe have finally reached Mallorca.
A group of around 20 farmers driving their tractors gathered this morning in Inca to protest against the situation in the agricultural sector.

The protest was organised via social networks without the involvement of the main agricultural organisations on the island: Asaja, Unió de Pagesos and UPA.

The aim was to reach Mercapalma, the island’s main commercial wholesale market, to show their rejection of the situation of the agricultural sector on the islands.

The high production costs, the excessive bureaucracy demanded by Europe with the new Common Agricultural Policy and the entry of agricultural products from third countries without complying with the requirements demanded of European producers are some of the demands made by the sector.

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“We have taken to the streets with our tractors to show our support for the rest of our colleagues. The situation we are in is serious. Europe is suffocating us while allowing the entry of agricultural products from other countries that do not meet the requirements that are demanded of us,” said Rafel Coll, one of the organisers of the farmers’ protest in Mallorca.

“We know that the agricultural organisations had planned demonstrations, but we are already going out today,” he added.

Coll said that the tractor protest in Mallorca is also a wake-up call to the Ministry for Agriculture to speed up the procedures for the payment of aid, which has been delayed for many years and this “is stifling us”.

Unió de Pagesos, Asaja and UPA announced last week that they are also preparing a wave of protests across the Balearics,