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What has been dubbed the ham war at the Mercat de l'Olivar in Palma is set to go to court in March next year.

This will be a private prosecution, the Prosecutor's Office having concluded that a situation of "bad neighbourliness" between the owners of two delicatessens in the market doesn't entail a criminal offence.

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The case did go before a court, but it was archived because it was felt that no crime had been committed. It has therefore been reopened as a private prosecution by one of the two parties and will be heard by the Provincial Court.

The prosecution alleges prolonged harassment over a period of three years. It demands a sentence of eight months in prison, the disqualification of the other party from managing her stall in the market, and payment of 14,000 euros compensation.

It refers to insults and constant tension caused by the other party. Incidents were reported to the market's management but apparently continued.