Gloria, Julia, Álvaro, Rosa and José are five friends who have become true doggie heroes. On Saturday night they managed to save a group of disoriented dogs from being run over on Palma's Via de Cintura. The group had just finished playing a game of paddle and were about to leave for a drink. At that moment, they noticed several dogs, some large and some smaller, wandering aimlessly down the street.

At that moment, the youngsters detected that the animals had entered the acceleration lane located near the Palma Penitentiary Centre, right next to the 'Elefante Azul' car wash company. Quickly, the friends went after them and by activating the emergency lights they managed to stop the traffic on the motorway. Once the traffic was at a standstill, they began to take the dogs and put them in the vehicle.

It is important to point out that if they had not reacted in this way, the running over of the dogs could have seriously endangered road users and caused serious accidents. Once the dogs were safe, the group went to the San Fernando headquarters of the Palma Local Police, where they handed them over to the officers.