The Gorg Blau reservoir right now. | Fernando Fernández

At present, the two reservoirs in the Tramuntana Mountains have a combined capacity of 36.2%. The larger of the two, Gorg Blau, is at 32.8%; Cuber has 41.6% capacity.

Towards the end of March this year, there was combined capacity of 92% - Gorg Blau 90%, Cuber 93.6%.

The capacity at the start of spring owed much to the impact of Storm Juliette and to the heavy snow in the mountains - the heaviest for decades. There normally is a correction in capacities over the winter. Snow helps in this regard, but heavy or regular rain is just as good.

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In January, the capacity was 44%. Two months earlier, November 2022, it was 35%; more or less the same as at present. However, twelve months previously it had been 70%.

The cold front forecast for this week is expected to bring some heavy rain to the mountains and perhaps also some snow, though this won't amount to much. But far more rain will be needed. The fear with the reservoirs is always that of a dry winter.

The reservoirs are operated by Palma's municipal services agency Emaya. While the reservoirs were created to supply the capital, their water does get diverted to other municipalities. They aren't the sole source by any means, but the others - the aquifers, wells and springs - need their own replenishment as well.