The accused was remanded in custody without bail. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

At the courts in Manacor on Monday, relatives of 35-year-old Orlando Marcelo Suntasig, who was stabbed to death in Arta on Friday night, tried to attack the man arrested and charged with his murder.

This was as he was leaving the courts, having been remanded in custody without bail. A group of his relatives pounced on the man and had to be pulled away by Guardia Civil officers and security guards.

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Orlando Marcelo Suntasig, a bricklayer originally from Ecuador, was well known at the Bar Talaiot, where he got involved in an argument with the accused before being stabbed four times in the street a short while later. The bar owners and customers remember him as being someone who was courteous and no trouble.

It is understood that the accused, who is Colombian and exercised his right not to testify in court, has told investigators that he didn't know Orlando at all and that they had never had any dealings with each other.