There were two forest fire incidents in Esporles. | Archive

A 50-year-old German, Marcel S., who caused a series of fires in Esporles in 2019, was arrested in Palma by the National Police on Thursday night.

The former soldier was at the Parc de ses Estacions, his whereabouts having been unknown since he failed to appear at his trial for arson in Palma on October 24.

He faces a Prosecutor's Office demand of eight years in prison, he having been charged with deliberately starting fires in Esporles in August 2019.

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On the first occasion, August 18, he set fire to the tyres of a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the environment ministry. This was in a car park in Esporles.

In the early hours of August 20, he started three fires on forest land. These developed into one large fire and affected 7,120 square metres of land within the Tramuntana Mountains nature reserve. Around 6.30am on the 25th, he caused a fire that affected another 2,000 square metres of Tramuntana forest land.

Arrest of suspected arsonist in Esporles, Mallorca
Esporles police arrested him on August 25, 2019

He was arrested later that day and ordered to prison on August 26. He was released from preventive detention on May 17, 2020.

He is now also under investigation in connection with deliberate fires in Palma.