Guillem Ignasi Bauçà, a world record holder.

Guillem Ignasi Bauçà has an unusual collection - 263 different Pringles tubes. And it is a collection which is a Guinness World Record.

An animator now working in the US, he says that he received the record for the largest collection of Pringles tubes on Monday. "It makes me laugh to say that I have a Guinness record, but it doesn't change your life. It's not that I adore Pringles, but I really like them in terms of product design. I don't eat them every day, far from it."

He has been collecting them since he was twelve or thirteen, which was when he went into the Müller store on Palma's C. Sindicat and saw some Pringles for Christmas which said limited edition. He asked his friend what this was all about. He answered that he guessed some people must collect them.

Applying for a Guinness record is not straightforward. Guillem first applied when he had 79 tubes, but these weren't enough. Guinness created a record to beat - one hundred. He applied again, but someone beat him to it.

"To verify a record you have two options. Pay a lot for a Guinness jury to come and confirm the collection record or send evidence - individual photos of each tube, a video counting them one by one, an inventory with name and description. You also need two witnesses, one of them related to the food industry. It makes me a bit annoyed that I wasn't the first, because the record was created at my request. But hey, I was second, and I'm fully aware that it will be beaten soon."

As to adding to his collection, he doesn't think so. "The brand was redesigned, and now all the tubes are 'new'. I'd be buying Pringles every day."