Different musical styles for the various stages. | Jaume Morey

Palma town hall has announced that as well as the traditional concerts on the night of January 19 for the Sant Sebastià fiestas, there will be two parties on the 20th.

The feast day for Saint Sebastian is January 20, which will be a Saturday in 2024. The town hall says that, as it is a Saturday, the concerts will be extended by a day. The two additional events will be a 'tardeo' party in Plaça Cort and one in Plaça Major from 6pm to midnight.

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There are no details yet as to the acts which will be performing on either January 19 or 20. The contracting process is under way. The stages for the concerts in the squares on the 19th will, as in previous years, be dedicated to specific musical styles, e.g. rock, folk, urban, flamenco fusion.

In addition, there is to be one large concert at a venue yet to be determined. A budget of 290,000 euros has been allocated to this. For the fiestas this year, top Mallorcan indie band Antònia Font performed at the Son Fusteret Showground a week or so after Sant Sebastià.

Festive celebrations of a more immediate kind include the Christmas lights. The town hall says that 65,000 euros will be spent for the big switch-on, which will be on Thursday, November 23. Details are due to be released next week.