Former judge Penalva and ex-prosecutor Subírán behind him on their way to one of the court sessions. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Former judge Manuel Penalva and ex-prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subírán have both been sentenced to nine years in prison for perverting the course of justice.

The Balearic High Court issued the sentences on Wednesday morning. This followed a trial that ended on September 22 and at which the Prosecutor's Office had called for sentences of 120 years for Penalva and Subírán and over 80 years for four officers from the National Police money-laundering squad.

The court considered it proven that the judge and the prosecutor had committed three crimes of perverting the course of justice by pressuring two Palma town hall officials and a businessman, Antoni Roig, and taking advantage of their authority. This was in connection with what came to be known as the 'caso ORA'. Also proven was coercion in respect of Álvaro Gijón, a former deputy mayor of Palma and member of the Balearic parliament.

A number of other charges were dismissed. One of these affected Bartolomé Sbert, the number two to Bartolomé Cursach, the owner, among other things, of BCM in Magalluf. At the trial there were also several private prosecutions, one of which was brought by Bartolomé Cursach.

The sentences will almost certainly be appealed to the Supreme Court in Madrid.