Tuesday's police operation in Palma. | Youtube Última Hora

A large police operation was mounted first thing Tuesday morning in Palma against an oriental mafia dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women and human trafficking.

Police raided several brothels and the homes of those responsible for the criminal organisation and the leader himself, who lives just a few metres from one of the brothels. The operation has been centred on the areas of Pere Garau and Es Molinar.

More than 50 agents of the National Police Force, led by the Central Unit for Illegal Immigration Networks and Documentary Falsifications (UCRIF) in Palma, have completely dismantled the criminal organisation, which brought women from China and, once here, forced them to work as prostitutes for long hours and in undignified conditions.

The police operation is still open and, for the moment, several people have already been arrested as a result of this large-scale operation, with the collaboration of specialised agents from the General Commissariat of the National Police in Madrid.

The criminal organisation is based in Palma and operated several brothels.