David Cameron on holiday in Pollensa.

Dear David,!

Firstly congratulation on your appointment as Foreign Secretary we sincerely hope that you will be successful. We would ask that you sort out the 90 day nightmare, as you known British citizens can now only spend 180 days a year in the European Union which has hit Mallorca and Spain hard, especially those people who own holiday homes. France has seen the light and could abolish the ruling. Could you ask the Spanish to do likewise? It will make a real difference to Mallorca, an island you know having holidayed here back in 2012.

Secondly, there are still some issues regarding the exchange of British driving licences for Spanish ones. This state of affairs continues to be a nightmare for many British expats. Despite an agreement with Spain some British residents are still having problems.

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Thirdly, could you please ensure that if there is another referendum on membership of the European Union British expats living in Spain can have their say. As you would have seen from the first two points British expats have been hit by the Brexit vote and some need your help.

Hope to see you in Pollensa soon

Yours sincerely

Jason Moore