Nadal's blue mansion in Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Rafa Nadal has decided to light up his mansion in Porto Cristo in blue at night. The tennis player has placed some blue spotlights which can be seen from the port and which are also reflected in the Mediterranean, an elegant lighting which has attracted the attention of the neighbours of the area and passers-by.

The sportsman and his wife, Mery Perelló, moved into the house with their son Rafa at the end of the summer after three years of intense building work.

The Mallorcan’s estate is located on a 7,000 square metre plot of land that he bought a decade ago for four million euros from the heirs of one of the owners of the Caves of Drach.

Nadal decided to demolish the buildings that were on the plot, a typical Mallorcan stone villa and several smaller buildings, with the aim of creating a mansion to his liking with a large garden and a direct exit to the sea.

He turned to architect Tomeu Esteva to design his new home, from where he can keep an eye on his luxury yacht, the Great White, which is moored just a few metres away in the port.

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While he finalises the details in the decoration of his mansion and enjoys his son, who celebrated his first birthday on 8 October, the tennis player has already resumed his training with a view to his possible return to the courts in 2024.

With no rush, but no letting up, Nadal continues to press ahead with his possible return to the courts in 2024. In the latest video uploaded to social networks, the winner of 22 Grand Slams can be seen training at his academy at an ever-increasing pace, both in his ball striking and, above all, in his movement, which is really the most important thing after his injury, for which he underwent surgery at the beginning of June in Barcelona.

After a period of rest, the tennis player began the first phase of recovery with rehabilitation sessions in the gym, which he continued during the summer, part of which he spent with his family visiting the Greek islands. On his return to Manacor, he began very gently to return to the court.

The first training sessions were limited to barely half an hour with almost lower body movements.
Little by little, and according to the different short videos that he has posted on his social networks, as well as some others recorded by fans, it has been possible to see how Nadal has been progressively increasing his training pace and, it is assumed, his time on the court.

On September 19 Nadal gave an interview to Movistar + in which he said: “My dream is to know how and where I am in two months”.

The ‘deadline’ is next week and we will have to see if the tennis player gives any information or clue about his physical evolution and his desired return to the courts in 2024, possibly in a tournament prior to the Australian Open, which is held between 14 and 28 January.
All the sessions so far have been on courts with a surface very similar, if not the same, to the one on which the first Grand Slam of the season is played.