A passenger attacks Ryanair ground staff at Palma airport and ends up arrested. | Youtube Última Hora

Fury at Palma airport. At 5.43am on Thursday, security personnel at Palma airport received an alarm call from Ryanair ground staff. At gate C-62 where flight RYR 2295 with destination Gran Canaria was boarding. At that moment, a passenger was very violent in the area.

A total of six security guards were on the scene very quickly and the Guardia Civil was notified as this is an 'air zone', i.e. restricted and controlled by the Guardia Civil. On arrival, they observed an extremely aggressive passenger who had stripped off his T-shirt and was smashing the furniture at the boarding gate. At one point, he picked up a computer and threw it against one of the walls and did the same with the chair, printer and other objects.

In a state of anxiety and violence, the man assaulted a Ryanair employee. At one point, he entered the women's toilet where he took a piece of broken glass from the toilet mirror and threatened to kill himself. Moreover, he cut himself on his chest and abdomen. The guards managed to restrain him until the arrival of the Guardia Civil. He was then taken for treatment and taken to the police headquarters as a detainee.