A couple has sex in front of the Santa Catalina municipal library. | Última hora

Images have come to light of a middle-aged couple of foreign nationality who had sex in the middle of the street in Palma. The events took place a few days ago in Calle Fábrica, in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood.

In fact, the neighbours who recorded the images make a point of showing the façade of the municipal library at the begining of the video. At the time of the recording, the centre was closed, but it can be seen from the clarity of the images that the recording was made in broad daylight.

Santa Catalina residents do not hesitate to ironically describe the man as "a real gentleman" when he helps the woman to take off her underwear in order to have sex. The most curious thing about this scene is that the protagonists have full intimate relations without caring about the presence of possible spectators who watched the scene with astonishment.

Neighbours in the area are concerned that there are schools in the vicinity of the library. Moreover, it is a very central and busy street and the presence of minors is constant.

Among the residents of the Palma neighbourhood, our sister paper Ultima Hora spoke to one who was outraged: "You can't allow this man to penetrate a woman in such a blatant way in front of people. If they are going out, they should go into a doorway or a more hidden place".