Human pressure is increasing. | Archive

On Wednesday, the Balearic Institute of Statistics (Ibestat) published data for human pressure in June - there were more people than ever for the month.

The calculation is for the resident population plus the temporary population, primarily tourists but also seasonal workers. On one day in June there were 1,916,157 people in the Balearics.

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This wasn't just the highest number for the whole of the Balearics. Each island registered its highest June figure. In Mallorca, the peak was 1,393,779. In Menorca there were 197,872, double the resident population.  It was the same in Ibiza with a maximum of 299,165 people. In Formentera the figure was 32,424, three times the number of people who live on the island.

Indications are that the all-time record for a single day may well have been broken this summer. Ibestat won't report on August until November. This is the month when the human pressure is at its greatest, the record for the whole of the Balearics being 2,071,124 on August 9, 2017.