The bill at the Ibiza hair salon. | Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera

Two women have sent the Bulletin’s sister paper in Ibiza, el Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera their receipts from a hair salon on the island.

The result is surprising: one was charged 2,341 euros and the other 3,680 euros. Both agree that they were charged 75 euros for washing and drying their extensions and 36 euros for cutting.
Although the treatments they enjoyed were practically the same, the cost varied.

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One paid 1,413 euros for 56 cm of adhesive extensions of 200 grams, while her friend paid 2,822 euros for 68 cm and 300 grams.

It should be noted that the price of hair extensions varies according to quality, quantity and length.
On the other hand, the removal of the extensions they were wearing varied between 375 € and 250 € and the application of new ones between 400 and 450 €.

On the island, you don’t just have to watch the hotel, bar and restaurant prices!