A panic stricken passenger wrote her "final words" as her aircraft was hit by the full force of Sunday's storm while flying to Ibiza from Germany. On two occasions the pilot of the aircraft tried to land the passenger jet at Ibiza airport but he was thwarted by the high winds. Passengers told German media that the plane was literally battered from either-side. One passenger decided to write her goodbye on a sick bag. The 32-year-old said: "When the captain tried to land the aircraft we lost height at an alarming rate. I feared for the worst."

The plane was finally diverted to Alicante where it landed safely without further incident. Sunday's storm caused havoc across the Balearics. Passengers on a flight from Alicante to Palma spoke of their fears as their aircraft also was hit by the storm on Sunday.

The bad weather led to many flights being delayed at Palma airport.