An increase in uniformed patrols. | jramirezphotos

The joint National and Palma Police summer operation in Playa de Palma, which started in June, has so far resulted in over 400 arrests. These have been for various offences - robbery, causing injury, drug dealing, sexual assaults and petty theft.

Joint plainclothes patrols were created at the start of the summer and the number of uniformed patrols was increased. As well as the arrests, the police say that more than 600 other people have been identified and that follow-ups on suspects have prevented thefts from tourists.

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Theft is the main crime, be this pickpocketing or grabbing bags and possessions on the beach, which is a particular issue at night; 142 people have been caught red-handed and arrested at night.

The police also point out that thefts that occur in hotels when guests leave their belongings in reception or at the entrance.