David Martínez Grimalt in Son Espases. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

On July 9, 47-year-old David Martínez Grimalt jumped into the sea from a jetty in Playa de Muro. He suffered a blow to the neck that left him immobile - the water depth is only around half a metre. From his hospital bed in Son Espases, he says that a stranger saved his life. "I would like to meet him. Without him I would be dead."

He remembers clearly what happened on that Sunday afternoon. "I was on the beach and I lost sight of my wife and son. I went to the jetty and when I got to the end I saw them in the water. At that moment I thought I would jump in instead of going back and walking." His head, he explains, was slightly bent. "After I hit the water, I couldn't move. I was face down and motionless but after a few seconds someone pulled me out. That man saved my life."

David was perfectly familiar with the beach and with the sign which prohibits people from diving from the jetty. "I knew there was a sign. But of course you can't imagine that something like this is going to happen to you." He now wants to warn people: "It's not a game, a simple bad jump can leave you paralysed."

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He was initially admitted to Son Llátzer. A month on and he can move his legs, hands and arms. "In a month the change has been great. I feel lucky. A year from now I can see myself walking and getting my life back." He is waiting to be transferred to the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital to begin rehabilitation.

Since the accident, he has received enormous support, not just from his family and friends but also from the company he works for as a truck driver. "My bosses at Ferratransgut have been very concerned. They say that they're going to buy me a new truck when I return."

He looks forward to that day with optimism, knowing that a complete stranger saved his life.