Arrival at court of the accused. | Pere Bota

One of six German men arrested in connection with an alleged gang rape in Arenal has had his case archived by a Palma court. The investigating judge concluded that a charge of sexual assault was not justified.

He was the only one of the six to have been released, having told the court that he was asleep on a sofa at the time. The other five were ordered to prison and remain in custody.

The allegations relate to events of the night of July 12 to 13. The woman met one of the six at a club and went with him to the beach, where they had sexual relations.

He suggested that they go to his hotel. When they arrived, the receptionist refused to allow the woman to enter. They went to another hotel where his friends were staying. It was proposed that they have group sex. The woman agreed to have sex with two of them. The others forced her to and recorded this on their phones.

She finally managed to leave the room screaming and went to the hotel receptionist, who notified the National Police.