The sleeping tourist.

A 25-year-old Dutch tourist who went viral after being filmed excreting on the head of a sleeping man in Playa de Palma told the AD newspaper he is ‘unbelievably sorry” for his ‘humiliating and disgusting act”. The man, who the paper says has faced a string of death threats since the video hit social media on Tuesday, told the paper “Yes, I am the perpetrator and I am now being punished”.

Since the film went public, the young man said he has hardly dared to go outside. “I did it and it is disgusting, humiliating, terrible. Everything people are saying is right, and I want to take full responsibility,” he told the paper.

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According to Dutch media reports the incident took place at around 6.30am on the last day of a short trip. The perpetrator was on the island with seven friends for a “good time” which involved large amounts of alcohol. After a night of partying, the club where the group were hanging out closed and they went to the boulevard to find something to eat.

“We were sitting on the same wall as the sleeping man,” he said. “I had been awake for 20 hours but still functioned, although I was seriously under the influence… someone shouted, ‘sh** on him’, so I did.”