Francina Armengol and others at a PSOE rally in Calvia. | Pilar Pellicer

The final cabinet meeting before the elections will be held on Friday. An extraordinary meeting of the cabinet, the government will approve subsidies totalling 400,000 euros to encourage the adoption of a four-day (32-hour) working week.

On Tuesday, the finance minister, Rosario Sánchez, announced that there would be this aid for cutting the week to four days or to 32 hours. It is intended to offset business costs which may be incurred by promoting work and family life reconciliation through a reduction in the working day and the working week.

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The cabinet will next meet on Monday (May 29), the day after the elections. As it will by then be an acting government, it will only be able to approve ordinary procedures. The formation of the next government and the investiture of the next president of the Balearics will take several days.